No One Ever Leaves

December 30, 2022

Previously Posted on September 22, 2022

Recently my mom shared some photos of she and her friends in a garden in Hana where they all live. One picture really jumped out at me. My friend had taken the exact same picture of me five years ago in Hilo.

One thought led to another. How could I use these cool photos in a KRAC Maui blog?

Fast forward to my daughter working on her Graphic Design homework using Photoshop and bamm! An idea fell from above like leaves drop from trees.

We are all always connected. 

Even though my dad has passed on to his next great adventure, we are all still connected. “He is our tree and we are his leaves. We are his tree and he is our leaves.” That’s the download I got.

My original intention was to have “leaf pics” of everyone who works at Kihei Rent A Car since they are the glue that keeps Dave’s bustling business operating daily. However, it was overwhelming since there are 20 of us running the business. All 20 of us are definitely connected! We are so grateful that the days at Kihei Rent A Car flow with ease and grace, like leaves on a tree in the Maui trade winds. It’s true that the trade winds here can be gale force once in awhile. That’s when our connection is the most apparent.

So here is the Hunkins family tree that came to me. Dave is our tree, our foundation. We are the leaves. (Just go with it people:)

Charlene Marie “Sugar”

Lynn Nalani

Marjorie Kay

Susan Leilani

Jayne Marie


 “No One Ever Leaves”

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