Goodbye Old Sentras

August 16, 2018

Image result for goodbye      2004, 2005, and 2006 Nissan Sentras!

Kihei Rent A Car’s discount cars are getting a facelift. This summer our hard working mechanics and car salesmen and women have been busy selling the 2004-2006 Nissan Sentras, also known as the “discount cars”. Local Maui residents are happily and rapidly buying these inexpensive and reliable cars. You see them on the road in every part of the island. They just keep on going and going and going. We are sorry to see them go, but so happy to help so many Maui families with their transportation needs.

Image result for 2004 nissan sentra  Image result for 2004 nissan sentra .  Image result for 2004 nissan sentra

You will notice several of these older Sentras parked on the streets around Kihei Rent A Car. Many KRAC employees scooped up some of the first cars sold. Two or three employees bought cars for their driving aged kids. The old Sentras get good gas mileage, are easy to maintain, and will run over 200,000 miles if taken care of properly. They are the perfect “Maui Cruiser”.

With a fleet of 400 cars, anytime we get a group of newer ones, we have to sell off the old ones. This large group of older models has been with us for many years and has served us well. The oldest cars we have now are 2009 Nissan Sentras, and a few Versas too. This next generation of hard working rental cars will now become our “discount cars”.

Image result for used 2009 nissan sentra .  Image result for 2009 nissan sentra   Image result for 2009 nissan sentra

With prices at the large rental car companies as high as they are these days, all of our cars are discount cars. In the last few years we have met many new rental customers who are happy they found our little fleet of Sentras. As we move forward into the fall and winter seasons, we are happy to serve all of our awesome, long term, repeat customers as well as any new folks willing to “take the risk” of trying out a small, independent, used rental car company for the first time.

It may sound hokey, but we really do have your best interest at heart. As we say farewell to our old cars, we are elated to say Aloha and welcome to our new customers, and Mahalo nui loa to our regular renters. We are all so blessed to be a part of the Kihei Rent A Car family!

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